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Some Towels I found

with Terry Bleu Studio

The kitchen is where I feel home. And in the homes of others, I feel it is the place which best represents the owner. Some towels I found is a collection of these textile motifs found while sharing personal spaces with friends and strangers.

Finishing a meal, cleaning and drying the dishes, together.
Keep the kitchen clean!

Tecnically 7 colors riso print but not every page 
120 x 120 mm

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I Use a Potato to Draw

“…When the food is not appetizing I want to play with food, I want to make it more enjoyable, I want to experiment with the same ingredients and make my own new recipe…”

The interpretation of the Dutch cuisines I experienced based on shapes, forms and colors.

wood sculpture installation

Dutch Lunch

A bread and a cheese, just one each is the lunch ...

Riso print and paper cut

Empty Calendar

with Suhyun Seo

The empty calendar where you can fill your year with joy and keep counting through 365 days.

Riso print

If not now then when ?

with Suhyun Seo

Dear procrastinate friends,

Acrylic and paper