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Prang Sayasilpi (TH 1997)

+31 645748214
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Prang’s practices are always growing as a Jack(of all trades), on one hand its sounds like she is not professional in anything but on the other hand, rather, it is allows her to experiment and have fun with everything around her, meeting new people, facing new problem(sssssssssssssssss) and try to solve from different view.

at least she shown some obvious interests, it is always closed to the everyday especially food and its culture, artisan and the process of self-made, carft, simplicity and timeless design.


2019 - 2023
BA Graphic Design ( ArtEZ hogeschool voor de kunsten — Arnhem,The Netherlands)

internship and assistant
︎︎︎ Exhibition assistant “New Walls” in behalf of Koen Taselaar
(Omstand Arnhem, the Netherlands)
Volunteer NON NATIVE NATIVE fair (14 - 16 July Amsterdam, the Netherlands)

︎︎︎ Internship at Terry Bleu Riso and silk-screen printing studio (Amsterdam, the Netherlands)

︎︎︎ Ceramist assistant at AOON pottery (Bangkok, Thailand)

︎︎︎ Volunteer KABOOM Animation festivals, the Netherlands

︎︎︎Intern as an Art Director assistant at EYEDROPPERFILL CO. LTD (Bangkok, Thailand)

︎︎︎ Artist assistant “COOP” a pavilion of Bangkok Biennial 2018

︎︎︎ Artist assistant “Postscript” a pavilion of Bangkok Biennial 2018

︎︎︎ “the sun will rise again” poster Bangkok art book fair #5

︎︎︎ Workshop at Saturday Type Fever, Karlsruhe University of Arts (Germany) together with 530 type club

︎︎︎ Quarantine zine #2 by Mirjam Debets (The Netherlands)

︎︎︎ “Phobias” Bangkok art book fair book workshop #3

︎︎︎ “62.97 10-9 W / cm2 *sr” Bangkok art book fair book workshop #2

︎︎︎ Special award (artist selected) of “Sakura Pigma sen-rao-ruang #2” (Bangkok, Thailand)